Our Mission is to help every patient live their life to the fullest!

At Grifall Family Chiropractic we provide the finest quality care through our use of modern chiropractic equipment & technology, and the best adjusting techniques gained through Dr. Mike’s & Dr. Diana’s combined 30 years experience in treating our Family of Patients.

While we have enjoyed treating many professional and amateur athletes through the years, ours is a Family Practice where we treat people of all ages from pediatrics to seniors, including providing prenatal care to our expectant mothers.  We provide chiropractic adjustments for relief of symptoms, treatment plans for addressing long-standing issues, as well as wellness/preventative care.

Whether you are a 75 year old grandparent, a middle-aged weekend warrior, or an elite athlete looking to maximize your potential, we are here to help!  We customize treatment plans for each patient based on their individual goals.  Your health goals will be our goals, and we will do our very best to help you achieve them!

Chiropractic care supports the body’s ability to heal from within.  It is a holistic approach that promotes a healthy spine and nervous system resulting in overall improved health and function, as well as reduced symptoms of pain and discomfort.  

Since 2001, it has been our pleasure to serve & support our Family of Patients in achieving their health & wellness goals.  We invite you to join our Chiropractic Family so you too may reach your greatest potential and live life to the fullest!